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Am I overthinking this?

I thought we would be able to stream The Interview through PlayStation, since that’s a Sony product but found out that the only gaming device available for streaming is XBox.

Why wouldn’t Sony release their movie onto their own platform? It seems strange that they would let a competitor (or various competitors: YouTube, GooglePlay, etc) stream the movie. Or maybe, not. Maybe Sony is running scared after data breaches and hacker threats that they don’t want to leave their gaming system vulnerable. Perhaps I should say “any more vulnerable than they already are” after what happened on Christmas.

I find it odd that a movie studio won’t stand behind their product. Shouldn’t they be interested in making as much money as possible once it’s released? Any high school student knows that their channels of distribution are taking their cuts and giving Sony a pittance for the rights. There’s no prescient here, and I hope that this is a unique case, but it seems as though everything Sony is doing in response is a bad business decision. Did they ask to be hacked, of course not. It’s their reactions that I find questionable from a business standpoint.

This has been your business news update.