sometimes I have more to say

I’m still home on medical leave. I need something to show for it, or else my 4 weeks (and counting) will have amounted to watching NetFlix movies EVERY DAY.

So, I have started a blog.

Last night on Twitter someone mentioned their love of words. I absolutely love words. If they contain a double “o” they’re even better. I like archaic words, words that sound goofy (see what I did there?), and words that instantly conjure a mental image. I said to myself, “there’s a good idea for a blog”.  I want to honor one word with each post. Coming up with silly sentences, rhymes and haiku. Just for fun, you know?


See, I bet you are giggling right now. The word is so darn funny to say. The first image that comes to mind is Scarlet O’Hara getting dressed for the party at Ashley’s plantation, primping in her pantaloons. Of course, P words are inherently funny; add a double “o”, make it old fashioned – word hat trick!

And now, a pantaloon haiku:

yoga pants, sweat pants

anything with pizza stains

newish pantaloons


2 Responses to “sometimes I have more to say”

  1. 1 The Delicate Flower
    October 14, 2009 at 3:13 pm

    Yay! Great post. It’s gonna make my head swell up insufferably if I was the inspiration for this. 🙂

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