Putting this here because I don’t want to put it there.

Every family has it’s story of someone who causes a commotion, right? That person who makes it all about herself. Sometimes it’s a brother, sometimes it’s a cousin, in our case, it’s a SIL who is married to The Mister’s brother. It’s the 2nd marriage for both and they’ve been married 5 or 6 years.

When the B’nai Mitzvah invitations went out in late November she was miffed that her 27 year old son (who does not live with them) was not included on the invitation. My BIL called his mother to ask if her son was invited. While he was on the phone with my MIL, the SIL ranted in the background “who do they think they are? They always treat me like shit. How dare they not invite my son.” My MIL told him that it probably was an oversight and left it at that. My MIL later told the story to my SIL (her daughter) and to The Mister.

A few days later The Mister got a hold of his brother and told him that it was a mistake and of course your wife’s son is invited. The Mr is the oldest child of three and works hard to keep the peace. He’s a mensch when it comes to family.

A week or so afterwards I sent out emails from work to The Mister’s friends and siblings inviting them to his birthday surprise party. I heard back from everyone except his brother. I sent a text to his brother’s cell yesterday asking if they received the invitation to the party. He immediately responded back that he is taking his wife out to dinner.

Last night I was going over party plans with my SIL (his sister, with whom I am pretty close). She asked who was coming and I told her that her brother wasn’t coming. She said she knew they weren’t going to show and they probably weren’t going to be at the B’nai Mitzvah either.

When I asked her why she thought that, she told me that the SIL called my MIL herself to ask why her 27 year old son was not invited to an adult birthday party [where he wouldn’t know a soul except his mommy]. Although she wasn’t ranting like a lunatic (like she did in the background on the previous call from my BIL) she did shake up my MIL. My MIL (bless her heart) asked why he would want to go to a party with people who are his mother’s age. My SIL told her it was the principle to which my MIL said “fine, stay home with your son if you are so bothered by this.” My MIL is now screening her calls from her son and his wife.


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