1000 tweets

gold-star-confettiI missed it. I was going into my followers lost for some b0t removal early this morning and there it was. I had passed my 1000 tweet mark. And passed it virtually UNNOTICED. I am so ashamed and chagrined.

In an effort to rectify this egregious situation, I am going to offer a colossal Follow Friday listing as a thank you. To those who star me, recommend me, pimp me, make me giggle and make me pee my pants.

You saw me, just a kid hanging on the edge of the playground and gave me a chance to kick the ball.


You filled me with coffee and bacon wrapped donuts in the early hours: @HemiRT5pt7, @debihope, @Tony_E_NC, @CynicalNihilist, @Toy_A, @bluedream420

You offer me memes during the day and watch me swipe meeting food without ever telling anyone: @sandwichpolice, @carrmah, @annoyingworldm @girlmonkey

You encourage workday office supply closet crafts: @JeeNeeBee, @drinkerthinker, @bonisteel, @Capsaholic

You commute home with me and, well really, that’s enough: @WadetoBlack, @Mela_De, @MrBigFists, @Trick_or_tweet

You watch my favorite shows with me in the evening: @CourtneyofDoom, @CinderellaJoey, @JustMarciT, @Pasqualena

You are sassy and sexy and make me blush.: @thebenbrooks, @redtothetone, @rbok, @bestgirlbetty, @GSouder, @GroverViolet

You are the village that will raise my kids I am sorry to say (are you available to sit this weekend?): @CousinBrandon, @ruthakers, @GPappalardo, @topnotchtutor, @wordtoyourmom, @BrilliantOrange

And you are loved for all your awesome qualities: @TerriSueWho, @theacerbic1, @NoirGeek, @TheDelicateFlwr

And some new found friends of like minds: @snackajawea, @yowhatsthehaps, @krabifff


1 Response to “1000 tweets”

  1. 1 bestgirlbetty
    November 7, 2009 at 2:02 pm

    aw thank you and right back at you. I’m so glad I follow you. xoxo

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