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A blintz for every culture

Think about it for a minute. Nearly every culture has some type of pancake wrapped around a filling. Savory or sweet, baked or fried.

Burritos, of course.

And then there are crepes.

Eggrolls, which are probably more western than we’ll admit.

And here are some kati rolls from India.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

Palatschinke from Central Europe.

Now, in my mind, I picture a Busby Berkeley musical scene with chorus girls coming down the stage with blintz head dresses. But that’s just me.

Posted on 12/22/09



I’ve decided to give you a little gift for my birthday.
First, a little background. In September I suffered from a detached retina in my right eye. It was surprising, horrifying and frightening all at once. During my various treatments, procedures and recovery I had to remain absolutely still, with my eyes fixed forward. For over 4 weeks. Needless to say, the Internet was my friend.
I spent a large chunk of time online. I polished my Twitter skills & made a bunch of groovy new friends. I surfed a lot. I started this blog.
So, in honor of MY birthday, I’d like to share some fun I have discovered. This will also give you a peek into my psyche, which could go either way for us.
But wait! It *is* the holiday season. Tell you what, we’re going to combine this birthday gift with a holiday gift. You feel gypped? Tough. My parents pulled that crap on me every year of my life.

Blogs- These blogs were all (except CakeWrecks) discovered through Twitter.
OurAnnoyingWorld His take on balloon boy was dead on, and I just like the way he thinks.
BakeMyFish I think he is the oracle of Twitter
Ruthakers the daily life of a funny mom with a really cute brood
Cakewrecks Every day it is entertaining. Genius

Sites and othe stuff:

Apelad‘s flickr photostream is a great place to see creativity in action, and have a laugh.

Archie McPhee Where to go when you need bacon mints.
Grocery lists Been reading this for years. The commentary is as funny as the spelling.
IMDb Settles every argument, every time.
Urban Dictionary When I want to see what the young kids are talking about.
Veer Going here for years for whatever creative mojo I need.

A special shout out to some Twitter friends ALSO celebrating birthdays on the 10th. Happy Birthday @HemiRT5pt7 and @CinderellaJoey. I am bringing the rum cake to the party.

posted 12.7.09


live theater is fun

Day 2 of the blog and I’m already off subject. We’ll get to a really good word in a minute. But first, I must talk about the fun night we had last night.

For our 15th anniversary, we decided to get tickets to see Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway. In this family, we love musical theater and we’re not afraid to admit it. Now the secret that I listen to show tunes when I cook is out. I feel better already.


We had amazing seats, 2nd row center orchestra. That would be the center of that blue A section, 2nd row, about 12 seats in from the right. When you are sitting there, you really feel as if you are part of the show.

About 3 songs into the show, there was a problem with one of the plexi panels of the set. We saw it sag, and then a hand supporting it from the back.  John Stamos and the teenage girls were onstage for Put On A Happy Face and John broke character to ask if the audience would indulge them while they fixed the set.

The house lights went up, the curtain came down and Stamos and Gina Gershon were standing in front, stalling for time. Gina ducked behind the curtain while John recognized his friends in the audience. Bob Saget and Don Rickles were there. He convinced Saget to come up on stage. Rickles said he was too old, but continued to heckle from the audience.Priceless.

When Saget got onstage, he offered Stamos a mint and he reached for his phone to Tweet about it, calling it a “Twitter moment”. They were trying to keep the jokes clean, as Stamos warned that there were kids in the audience. Saget was at a loss but got a lot of mileage out of the fact that he had to speak into the microphone in Stamos’ hair.

StamosSagatBwayWe took three pictures with the phone. Of COURSE we got in trouble with the usher, but we got this picture. Unreal.

Bill Irwin did some physical comedy to pass the time, which was a riot. Spoiler Alert: Irwin steals the show as Mr. McAfee. Gina brought out an old Full House poster of John from backstage and got a few laughs.

A half hour later, the set was fixed and the show was back on.  Stamos had a line about waiting a long time and he broke up for a few seconds. The show was a lot of fun, very energetic and well produced. Sets (once fixed) were adorable and the costumes were perfect confections of color.

bye_birdie_snap_largeOh, did I mention how adorable Nolan Gerard Funk is as Birdie? Gaze and admire. Ok, that’s enough.

As promised: the word.


Rhymes with Pantaloon, has the precious double “o” and can be considered trancendent if they are made correctly. And it fits in nicely with the “confection” reference above. As a bonus, the colors match the costumes, which is good for my OCD.all lined up

Now, I’m not talking about the so called macaroons from Maneschewitz at Passover. ManischewitzMacaroonThose are coconut posers and should not even be in the same class as a real, almond based macaroon.

REAL macaroons come in flavors like Pistachio, and Nutella, Vanilla Bean, Blood Orange and Lemon Drop, and my favorite Chocolate Peanut Butter. They are light and fluffy, sweet but not too sweet and you can really taste the flavors. They are treated preciously and packed in clear cellophane and tied with satin ribbons. They are the perfect dessert.photo_macaron[1]


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